The 5 Unexpected Kitchen Tools You Should Put On Your Wedding Registry

by HexClad Cookware

The 5 Unexpected Kitchen Tools You Should Put On Your Wedding Registry

So, you’re engaged! Congratulations. This is the same message every digital wedding registry will display shortly after you sign up for its services. Next, a seemingly endless parade of options appears. The classics are straightforward when setting up your registry (ahem, may we put forward our own 13-piece cookware set). Glasses, cutlery, napkins—it’s easy to think of those things. Or, perhaps your kitchen is already outfitted with the basics. Given that the median age is rising for first marriages in the United States, you’re likely to already have a skillet and a cutting board. So where do you go from here? Should you buy that blender that, curiously, also makes soup? What about a 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder? (The answers are no and no, respectively.)

If you want to go beyond the basics without buying something you’ll never use again (hello, silicone egg poachers), here are 5 extremely useful kitchen tools worth putting on your registry. We promise they’ll earn their keep.

A heavy-duty wok that’s up to the task

This versatile tool is for so much more than stir-fries. The wok’s high sides and a rounded shape (compared to a skillet) make it ideal for tossing vegetables, meat, and other ingredients. The shallow, wide shape of a wok makes is ideal for frying without too much oil. Use it to fry up chicken wings (and then later use the wok to toss them in sauce), battered ingredients like shrimp and zucchini, or to make small donuts like Chinese youtiao. A wok’s generous size means it’s ideal for big-batch cooking. All the better for hosting dinner parties as a newlywed couple. P.S. HexClad’s hybrid wok is nonstick, which makes for easier cleanup and maintenance than carbon steel or cast iron woks.

A multitasking griddle pan that maximizes kitchen space

Why, you might wonder, do you need a griddle pan if you already own a skillet or two? Answer: because a griddle is the ideal pan for making everything from classic French crêpes to filled lentil dosas to fluffy American-style pancakes. This wide, flat pan has slightly sloped edges, rather than the higher sides of a skillet. These shallow sides allow for easier access to the food to flip, and prevent grease or batter from dripping over the edge. Great for all things batter-based, griddles are also ideal for burgers, bacon, homemade tortillas, steaks, and grilled cheeses. Griddles are particularly great for cook’s with small stovetops, since they maximize burner space. That being said, HexClad’s griddle pan is circular, rather than rectangular like many, which means it won’t take up too much crucial cabinet real estate when you’re not cooking.

A magnetic knife block that reduces counter clutter

Hopefully, you’re not storing knives in a kitchen drawer. Jumbled in with other utensils can not only dull the blades, it makes cuts much more likely to happen. As for a wooden knife block, while they keep knives handy, the storage slots can trap bacteria and food particles, but aren’t easy to clean. Plus, they take up a lot of counter room and make it difficult to identify which knife you’re choosing. A slimmer, magnetic knife block is the way to go. You’ll free up valuable counter space and be able to see the knives for easy access.

A sturdy apron that can withstand years of spills and splatters

It might feel too fussy to add another layer of clothing while cooking, or perhaps the one you own is frilly and impractical. Donning an apron is worthwhile in the kitchen, since cooking can be a dangerous business, especially if you’re branching into deep frying, making caramel, or grilling. A sturdy apron not only protects your clothing from splatters and spills so you don’t have to worry about getting that nagging oil spot out, it will last longer. HexClad’s black apron is particularly good for hiding the inevitable stains that come with frequent cooking. There’s also a mental aspect to putting on an apron every time you set about a big cooking spree. It acts like a psychological cue that you’re now cooking, not working or running around doing errands. (Unless, that is, you’re a professional cook!) A beautiful-yet-strong apron will protect you, help you look the part, and will come to represent the fun aspects of being in the kitchen.

A sophisticated pepper grinder that improves every dish

It’s time to ditch pre-ground pepper. You’re getting married, after all. A pepper grinder not only offers superior flavor, it adds sophistication to the dinner table. As soon as peppercorns are ground, they release their delicious, aromatic oils and other compounds that add spicy, fruity, and funky flavor. This means that pre-ground pepper is bland as can be. Plus, jars of the stuff are often adulterated with other ingredients (like olive pits). The HexMill pepper grinder features an adjustable burr grinder (just like fancy coffee grinders do), which produces a consistent size grind. Use it for everything from pepper-crusted steak au poivre to punching up homemade salad dressings.

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