The Best Kitchen Cookware designed by HexClad Science

What Makes HexClad the Absolute Best Cookware You Can Have in Your Kitchen?

HexClad's patented cookware design technology is unmatched in today's world of cooking. Simply put, it is the best cookware you can buy. So how does it work?

HexClad utilizes a tri-ply, clad style pan. We start with a layer of magnetic stainless steel. This way it not only works on gas and electric stoves but also on newer magnetic induction cooktops.

Next, we have a middle layer of aluminum, which acts as the heating element, providing the pan with nice, even heating. We then sandwich this aluminum layer between one more layer of steel. Using a laser etching process, we are then able to create our patented HexClad hexagonal design on the cookware. This unique design creates a series of peaks and valleys.

In the valleys is the nonstick surface, which provides your pan with easy cleanup and the ability to cook with little or no butter, grease or oil. The peaks are your stainless steel, which will give you that great golden brown sear and also protect the pan against peeling and flaking.

Now you can see why HexClad is the one pan that you can really use your metal spatulas and other utensils without fear of scratching the non-stick surface.