Cooking Gifts for Dad: 20 Gadgets Gordon Ramsay Recommends

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Cooking Gifts for Dad: 20 Gadgets Gordon Ramsay Recommends

You grew up with a father or father figure that was your ultimate best friend. He taught you to fish and explained football a million times until the rules stuck.

Now you watch every sporting event you can together and it never seems like enough. He usually gets ties or holidays, but you're ready to step up your gift-giving game and get dad something he can use.

But if you've been having trouble looking where to start, you've landed in the right place. Gordon has rounded up his favorite gifts for dads and we've put them together in this kickass collection.

Don't worry, though. We won't take credit for the awesome ideas we gave you.

Why Do We Buy Ties for Dad?

A lot of history is embedded into the traditional ties we get dads for Father's Day.

In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the first Father's Day proclamation.

While many people celebrated the holiday before this date, it was President Nixon who proclaimed Father's Day an officially recognized holiday in 1972.

Since 1966, ties have been the go-to gift for dads.

Ties are simple but fun, they're inexpensive, and there are thousands of options. Just like the funky socks at the mall, ties have something for everyone.

Step Up Your Gift Game for Dad

As kids, we see ties with a lot of colors and crazy shapes, and we just know our dads will love them as much as our five-year-old brains do.

But we are adults now, and it's time to step up the game.

So if you have a dad that loves to cook and try new things, we've got the best list for you.

These aren't just ordinary, everyday items. This list is full of items for every dad, but we know you'll find a few options on here that your father would love.

20 Gifts and Gadgets for Dad

Gordon recommends this list with dads in mind. These gadgets and gifts are unique and fun. We know your dad will be excited about the hours he'll get to spend obsessing over his passion for cooking.

New HexClad Knives

Any guy who's ever watched Gordon break down half a cow knows there's nothing like a top-notch set of knives. HexClad knives are made of Damascus steel for incredible sharpness. With these knives, any protein will slice like butter.

So get dad his own set of professional knives that can help him master his knife skills. A great addition to this present would be a custom knife bag. Then he can look like Gordon, too.

Knife Sharpener

Most knife sets come with a sharpening wand, but dads love their gadgets. Even though he could learn how to take care of his knives with his own two hands, an automatic knife sharpener could be fun to have in the kitchen.

HexClad Wok

Why do dads love the grill so much? It's the fire — raw, manly fire.

But fire grills may not be available to dad all year long. So, why not try the next best thing indoors, a HexClad wok. These pans are built deep (three inches to be exact) for large meals to feel the whole family. They're also tough with superior non-stick technology.

With a wok like this, you dad can be just a hibachi chef. Dad will enjoy the feeling of power cooking noodles and stir-frys over that super high heat, and we know that he will love flipping those ingredients around the pan.

If you go this route, try throwing in a few recipes to give dad some inspiration. We recommend this spicy udon noodles number. It's fun and full of flavor.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a fun way to cook outdoors if you don't feel like firing up the grill. Some of them are portable, so they're compact and usually fit on top of a table.

They're a lot of fun for the user and a great way to bond as a family. Think of how much fun everyone will have at family dinners when everybody creates their own pizza and toppings.

We've also got a great recipe for a pepperoni pan pizza by Chef Daniele Uditi. The instructions are for the oven, but the recipe is still amazing no matter where you cook it.

Portable Grill

Portable grills are an excellent gift to help dad take is grilling passion on the road.

Portable grills can be taken to sporting events for tailgating before the game, or he can take it on the camping trips he’s been dying to take for months.

Hell, he can even take it on a fishing trip — just don't use it in the boat. This way, he can catch dinner and cook it too!

The best part is there are so many grill options on the market now. You'll be able to choose the right look and size for your dad's needs.

Smoker Box

Even if your old man owns a grill that can smoke, he would love another appliance in their outdoor kitchen — something to take his smoke obsession to the next level.

You'll be Dad's favorite when he gets to smoke homemade jerky. And think of the gourmet smoked fish, sausages, and rib racks he'll be able to make at home all year long.

Smoker boxes don't generally take up a lot of space either, so they'll make a great addition no matter the size of the backyard.

Fire Pit

For those dads that love their backyards, a fire pit is an ideal way to add to their safe space.

They're fun, warm, and inviting to the whole family. Now you can bond with your dad over a crackling fire and your family doesn't need to stop the good times just because it gets dark.

This is also one of those products that you can find many options for. If you have a dad that loves camping, you may want to look into a smaller, travel-size variety.

Badass Cooler

Nobody wants to drink their beverages warm.

A badass cooler to take drinks and food on the go is great for a dad that likes to fish or hunt. They'll be able to take bait and whatever else they need for a day of their favorite activities without worrying about how they'll carry everything.

Custom Cutting Board

You got him that new set of knives last holiday, so why not get him that really cool butcher block custom cutting board this holiday?

Butcher block cutting boards are a showpiece, providing as much aesthetic as they do function. For a dad that liked those ties you got them growing up, a custom cutting board is a big step higher on the cool scale.

Electric Kettle

This is another item for dads that like to camp or take their meals on the road.

Electric kettles heat up water for coffee and teas, but they do so with a little more tech and a little less real fire.

It can be a fun way to make your hot beverages in the morning, and try out other foods that can be made using this device.

Electric Travel Mug

A travel mug is a handy gift for dads who are always running late. This way, they can still keep to their schedules (if possible) and not miss out on that essential morning cup of Joe.

There are many options on the market, but we recommend finding one that's electric. These mugs can keep their heat all day long, so hot coffee is guaranteed till it's gone.

For the techy dads, find a travel mug that comes with an app. They can use their phone to control the temperature of the mug.

Spices and Sauces

A monthly hot sauce subscription or box of world spices is an excellent gift for any chef dad who loves a bit of spice. Many of these sauce and spice boxes come with unique items you can't find at local stores. They are so delicious they deserve to be tried worldwide.

The new surprises each month are a gift that keeps on giving. If he finds anything he can't live without, box components are usually available on the original website. Plus, subsciptions are a fun way to bond over food every month, and they give you an excuse to get a home-cooked meal from your parents.

All in all, it's a fun way to give dad a continuous surprise — reminding him constantly why he loves you the most.

Sous Vide Machine

Sous vide is a fun but very technical cooking method. It involved vacuum-sealing food in a bag and cooking it under very consistent and specific temperatures of water.

This works well for tough meats and starchy or hard vegetables. Items like carrots and parsnips come out tender and delicious when cooked with a sous vide.

The big thing with this product is you have to be precise and have a lot of patience. It's a painstaking process learning how to use it properly and most effectively, but also a lot of fun.

Dads will enjoy the nuance of cooking with a sous vide and love the trial and error it will entail.

Whiskey Aging Kit

If your dad loves whiskey, he will love aging his own bottle. You can buythese kits online or at specialty liquor stores, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding options that fit his preferences.

The best part is that most kits come with a cool aging barrel that makes a great decorative item in Dad’s man cave. It's also reusable, so he can make his own whiskey again and again.

Many companies that sell these products also have refill options where you can just buy the unaged whiskey instead of having to buy the whole thing over again.

Maybe encourage dad to try to age other spirits as well. Since you've got the barrel, you’re all set to go, and it should be a lot of fun.

If you're an avid Gordon Ramsay fan, you know his favorite beer is cask matured. Maybe buy dad a beer making kit for the holidays after this one. Then he can age it in the barrel to drink beer just like Gordon.

Smoker Gun

There's nothing better than a perfectly made old fashioned. Since the 1860s, pubgoers have been enjoying the concoction in the form we see today. It is one of the best ways to enjoy a cocktail without diluting the spirit and masking the unique flavors it brings to the table.

However, a new spin on mixology has appeared recently: smoking drinks to add to the liquor’s aromas. A smoked old fashioned is a cool drink to order in bars and upscale restaurants. Thankfully, a smoker gun costs about the same as one of those drinks, so you can bring the DIY fun.

Add a smoker gun to your dad's private bar for the next holiday. You can have fun together smoking literally every drink you can think of.

Electric Griddle

This isn't just for those dads that like camping. An electric griddle is a wonderful appliance for the kitchen as well.

It's a big flat top that allows dad to make at least half a dozen pancakes at once, and they'll love the convenience and versatility it provides.

A big plus is that if your dad loves camping, they can take a griddle on the go for breakfast in the great outdoors.

Specialty Whiskey Glasses

A dad that loves a good Scotch or whiskey at the end of a long, hard day will love specialty whiskey glasses.

There are plenty of options, so you'll be able to purchase a pair that flows well with the decor in the kitchen. You can even order some from their favorite whiskey company and add a bottle of their favorite blend on the side.

You'll know they loved the gift if they offer you a first glass with them.

It’s not necessary, but if they like their whiskey chilled, you could also add a bag of whiskey stones for an extra little touch.

Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

If your dad loves his grill, get him a Bluetooth grill thermometer that he can control and use with help from his mobile devices.

Dads love being able to tie everything to their phone. He will love that you got him a gift that gives him a reason to bust out a new app when enjoying a nice cookout.

It's fun and convenient, but it’s also a cool gift that he can show off to his buddies at the next cookout.

Gastronomy Classes and Kit

If your dad loves fire and showing off his culinary prowess, he will love gastronomy classes. There are kits you can buy for home use and classes online that you can buy for your dad to take.

Depending on your area, you may be able to find classes in person, which is a big help when learning these chemistry-related techniques.

Kits, however, are full of baby steps in gastronomy, so as long as Dad can follow the directions, he'll be able to succeed. These can be better when experimenting with new cuisines.

It's a nerdy kitchen gift to say the least, but it’s a really good excuse to play with beakers and wear safety goggles.

Dad will learn how to make drinks in bubbles, and a ton of other skills to show off at the next big family party.

Personalized Apron

Ok, if you really miss buying that tie, a personalized apron will be the next best thing.

Aprons are a sign of a true professional in the kitchen and every great home chef deserves an amazing apron.

You can go all out and get their initials stitched into the front pocket or buy a cool apron with a sassy message on the front.

Dad Won't See This Coming

Your dad will be pleasantly surprised at the next holiday when he unwraps one of these fantastic gifts instead of another tie he won't wear. Seriously, the guy doesn't even work in an office.

Regardless of the gift, we know one thing for sure with dads: they love anything we buy them.

But this year, let's make them feel even more special, as a big thank you for all those baseball games they sat through when we were younger. We are sure that if you stick to this list, that's exactly what will happen.



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