Cooking Gifts for Mom: 20 Gifts Gordon Ramsay Recommends

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Cooking Gifts for Mom: 20 Gifts Gordon Ramsay Recommends

Do you have trouble buying gifts for your mom or the motherly figure in your life? You're not alone.

What do you buy the person who has everything? They have you; what else could they possibly want?

If you have a mom who loves to cook, we have just the gift for her. You won't find any useless tchotchkes to gather dust here. These gifts are useful and long-lasting, so they can be enjoyed for years. Plus, you'll be the instant favorite (if you're not already) after she receives one of these gifts.

Today, our team at HexClad is sharing the top 20 kitchen and cooking-related gifts your mom didn't realize she was missing. And the best part is, they're Gordon recommended, so you know they'll be good.

The Science Behind Gift-Giving

We tell the kids in our life, "It's the thought that counts." As we get older, sometimes we think it's a bunch of bologna, but it really is true. Research shows that gifts with meaning and love behind them do make people the happiest.

They know you put time and effort into your gift. You thought deeply about what that person would want to receive — what would make them happy. Moms are no exception to this.

Moms do so much for us, and they don't usually ask for much in return. A gift with genuine thought and care behind it will show. It will make her happier than the fanciest thing you randomly grab off the store shelf.

The next time you see something and instantly think of someone in your life and how they'd enjoy it, get it. They'll love that you thought of them and know how much you care.

Why Is Gift-Giving Stressful?

For some, the stress of gift-giving comes from the time and effort it takes to find a gift. For others, it's the expense of gift-giving. However, one of the biggest reasons for so much gifting stress is that we want our loved ones (especially Mom!) to like what we get them.

You watch their face as they open the gift. You're hoping for excitement and glee when your present is revealed. However, if their face drops in disappointment, it's one of the worst feelings in the world. None of us want to give a disappointing gift — especially to Mom. But we've all seen them happen.

Where This Gets Tricky

We say a thoughtful gift is a way to go — something that matches their interests or has special significance. But maybe you're still really stuck.

You don't know what they really want or need. You can ask, but then that takes away from the surprise of gift-giving.

For moms who love to cook, you want to give them a meaningful gift that supports their passion. There are tons of new, reimagined cooking-related gadgets, but they've got so many details.

You need a kitchen master to tell you if that spatula is the real deal; thankfully, you have one. We asked Gordon for his expert opinion on which items were best. Here are the gifts that passed the Gordon Ramsay test.

It's a long list, but that means we've covered you for the next few holidays. You're welcome.

Best Cooking Gifts for Mom

These aren't the only gifts Mom will love, but they will top any list. Some she may have hinted at wanting, and others may not be on her radar — yet.

But we know these are gifts that she won't want to live without them once she's got them.

Chef's Knives

If you're buying a gift for a cooking channel or MasterChef lover, a high-quality set of knives is definitely on their wishlist. At HexClad, we have a range of Gordon-approved Damascus steel knife sets. These knives are incredibly sharp and hard (60 Rockwell Rating) for smooth, effortless cutting.

Gordon himself takes great pride in his kitchen knives — and his knife skils. You can often catch him opening up his own set of knives (HexClad knives, we might add) to showcase proper julienne slicing.

Everyone wants to master their knife skills in the kitchen. However, that's only possible with the proper tools to do it right.

Maybe you don't want to get a complete set, or you don't know your mom's needs. Start with a highly versatile chef's knife. It's an essential staple in any kitchen, and using one of superior quality is not only exciting but significantly easier.

Airtight Containers and Bowls

Those who love to cook usually make more than they need for one meal. When that happens, they'll need more than an old takeout container. To preserve their culinary masterpiece, they'll want quality airtight containers.

Even better is an option that doubles as a mixing bowl. Your mom can use the mixing bowl for meal prep. Then, when she's done, she can use the same bowls to store leftovers.

Fewer dishes, less clean-up: talk about a win-win. Plus, HexClad mixing bowls create a patented vacuum seal with fitted lids for enhanced freshness. And don't worry about leftovers' expiration dates. These bowls have date setting dials to take the guesswork out of storage — no more sniffing food checks.

Food Scale

Some moms feel like they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. It may be a figurative analogy, but a food scale in the kitchen sure isn't.

While many recipes call for measurements in tablespoons and cups, European recipes and serious cookbooks require using a food scale.


Measuring ingredients by weight is more accurate than cups and tablespoons, especially for baking. A professional kitchen scale opens up a new experience of old-world recipes and creations.

A great note to remember: many recipes that start in weights may have conversion charts. These are fine, but they are nowhere near as accurate as going by weight. For a chef who wants to get their macarons just right, a kitchen scale is essential.

HexClad Wok

Noodles are an easy go-to weeknight meal and come together in a cinch. They're also easy to customize, so favorite vegetables and proteins never get left out.

But to step up her noodle game, your mom will need a HexClad wok. If she's cooking for the whole family, this wok is deep for high-volume cooking. It is also compatible with different material utensils (with, just like the HexClad wok).

Include a new noodle recipe or two with the wok. We recommend our spicy udon noodle recipe. It's sure to turn up the heat in the kitchen and impress everyone with the fantastic flavor. Plus, a recipe will be an excellent way for mom to use her new present.

Pots and Pans

Everyone needs new pots and pans every once in a while, but a lot of people are hesitant to pull the trigger and buy them.

If your mom is still using the pans you remember from childhood, it's time to upgrade those bad boys. HexClad pots and pans provide all the benefits of non-stick cookware without the cleaning hassle.

She can use the pans with any utensils (metal, wood, or plastic) without fear of chipping or tarnishing. HexClad pots and pans can also go straight from the stove to the oven for mom's most complex recipes.

Cookware can be pretty special and meaningful. So if you don't think your mom will be cool throwing everything out, start with one or two new pans. Wait til she sees how amazing they are and go from there.

Garlic Press

A garlic press is a fun, handy tool for any level of skill in the kitchen. For most of us, anytime a recipe calls for minced garlic, we automatically grab a jar in the fridge and spoon it in.

A jar of garlic is more accessible and ready when needed, but any chef will tell you — fresh is best. A garlic press makes garlic simple and quick to add in. You can easily prepare enough garlic to kill every vampire in Europe.

Food and Candy Thermometers

Food and candy thermometers are another cooking gadget must-have.

Mom'll need to keep a consistent temp if she's ever trying to make candy. However, these are also great for baking and cake designing. Mom can use them to temper chocolate for fun or elegant chocolate garnishes.

Food thermometers are also perfect for moms who love meat or deep frying. A thermometer ensures food is cooked through and is safe to eat.

There's nothing worse than roasting a chicken, pulling it out of the oven when the timer goes off, then cutting into it to find there's still pink on the inside. Help mom avoid this with the sensible gift of a food thermometer.

Professional Apron

So many companies are on the market now that have created badass aprons for badass chefs. You see them on cooking shows all the time. The best part is these aprons are also available to badass at-home chefs.

Now you can cook like Gordon Ramsay, and you can wear the same apron too! Gone are the days of frilly yellow aprons. To feed a family is a superpower and mom deserves better than some silly apron that doesn't even have a place for their hand towel.

The best part about the vast options on the market is that they're all well-crafted, but everything is customizable, so each purchase is a little unique.

Air Fryer

Air frying food may have grown fast in popularity, but that doesn't mean it's a fad. These devices are incredible in the kitchen when you're trying to make healthier choices but want the satisfaction of crispy, battered chicken or fresh french fries.

A lot of toaster ovens and other appliances have become combination devices. Often they with the option to air fry. So you don't need to buy one specific machine. Choose an appliance that would best suit your mom's needs.

Pressure Cooker

If you've never used a pressure cooker before, you may be wary about giving one as a present. But don't be; they're helpful, easy to use, and will save mom time and energy.

A pressure cooker cooks food in a sealed chamber. As the cooker heats up, steam fills the chamber. This steam is converted into an additional heat source, causing food to cook faster.

Another benefit to this cooking style is how flavor is extracted from your ingredients. Your mom will love how food tastes richer and more delicious with every dish she makes

Wine Cooler

Because raising kids is hard work, moms deserve wine. But they also need a way to keep their wine cold between glasses.

A wine stand and cooler is a cool look for the kitchen. It's reminiscent of bistros around Paris. But if boujee isn't their thing, try a granite or marble wine cooler.

They're sleek and sophisticated and fit nicely in the freezer until ready for use. The marble look is trendy right now, so it'll be a prized showpiece during the next holiday dinner.

Now you can bring wine over whenever you're visiting and know it'll be cold even if the family is enjoying an outdoor BBQ.

Coffee Maker

While moms need wine at night for sanity, they need coffee in the morning to jump-start their day. So naturally, they're going to need a good coffee machine.

Espresso machines are always a showpiece in the kitchen, but they can be expensive. If that's out of the cards, opt for a coffee maker with multiple settings.

Many new coffee makers feature espresso and latte settings so you can enjoy a more sophisticated cup of coffee. Many products also come with milk frothers as a complimentary item, so it's like two gifts in one.

Robot Mop

Spills happen, and cooking gets messy, so help your mom out in the kitchen. Get her a robot mop to help keep the floors cleaner than the counters.

They're a great helper in the kitchen as you can set it and forget it, and they don't take up a lot of space.

Indoor Herb Garden

Lush greens and fresh herbs are never a bad thing. Buying your mom an indoor herb garden will make the kitchen look and smell amazing (even before mom turns on the stove).

Plus, gardening, even on a small scale, has many benefits. And an herb garden in the kitchen means fresh ingredients for mom to use all year round. Imagine how happy she'll be adding some fresh basil or oregano to her favorite pasta dish.


Greenhouses are a fun and unique gift for any chef mom with a green thumb. Shops offer a lot of options for sizes. With a little measuring and research, you'll be able to find the right greenhouse to fit mom's backyard.

This gift will ensure you get the favorite child label this year. It's gorgeous and over the top, just like mom secretly wanted.

Ice Cream Maker

Fresh ice cream is an absolute delicacy. Why not get mom an ice cream maker for the next holiday and ensure you've got dessert every time you visit?

Because ice cream makers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, they've become pretty compact and easy to use. This leaves a lot more room for imagination with recipes versus frustration when trying to read the directions.

Cookbook Stand

Trying out new recipes is a lot of fun for cooking aficionados. But trying to keep the books open and the tablets propped up can be a pain.

Add a cookbook stand to the next gift you give your mom. They're relatively inexpensive, so adding one to a gift you already picked out is a sweet bonus for mom.

If there aren't any holidays, get this for mom as a thinking of you gift. It's a small gesture but will go a long way in making your loved one feel special.

Collection of Cookbooks

Now that you got her that great cookbook stand, she's going to need some new cookbooks to make it worthwhile.

Try adding some cookbooks to mom's collection that are different cuisines or new techniques she's never tried. It'll be a fun new experience every night of the week, and everyone will reap the benefits.

Cooking Lessons

A cooking tour through Italy can be tricky, but some Italian cooking lessons in your hometown are a little more in the budget.

You can search for in-person cooking classes in your city. However, since Covid, many cooking teachers have taken their classes online.

If there aren't any in-person options, you can search for courses online or find social media forums and groups that share recipes and cooking tips and techniques.


Many fresh vegetables and recipes, like cucumber salad, call for perfectly sliced cucumbers. But part of that perfect slice also means they must be perfectly thin. Of course, you can do it by hand, but imagine the time saved by sliding that cucumber back and forth, making perfectly measured slices each time.

A quick search for a mandolin will bring up various options that come with gloves for safety and a few different blades that offer multiple thickness settings for your veggies.

Buy With Love

The list is long, but your love for your mom is neverending. Gifts should always be special and meaningful, even if they're useful.

We are sure that any of these gifts will be just what Mmom's looking for and make you look like a star at the next big gift-giving event. Or even buy a few, and you'll be set to rock the gift-giving game for the rest of the year!



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