Maestro de la Cuisine

$1,189.99 $1,869.91 ($1,869.91 valeur) 36% Économies
$1,189.99 $1,869.91 ($1,869.91 valeur) 36% Économies
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lifetime warranty
metal utensil safe
oven safe
dishwasher safe
Induction Ready
Stay Cool Handle
Que vous soyez un cuisinier chevronné cherchant à améliorer ses compétences ou un cuisinier de niveau intermédiaire cherchant à devenir plus sérieux, cet ensemble est exactement ce qu'il vous faut. Conçu pour les cuisiniers de niveau supérieur, nous avons combiné notre ensemble de casseroles et poêles Hybrid de 12 pièces avec notre wok Hybrid de 12 po le plus vendu, notre plaque de cuisson Hybrid de 12 po prête pour les brunchs, notre couteau Santoku de 7 po en acier Damas et nos bols à mélanger scellés sous vide, idéaux pour tous ceux qui veulent perfectionner leurs compétences culinaires. Et rassurez-vous, toutes les poêles sont antiadhésives, résistantes aux rayures et faciles à nettoyer. Elles vont au lave-vaisselle et au four jusqu'à 500 ºF.

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Ce qui est inclus :

  • Poêle hybride de 8" avec couvercle (20 cm)
  • Poêle hybride de 10" avec couvercle (25 cm)
  • Poêle hybride de 12" avec couvercle (30 cm)
  • Casserole 2 pintes (1.9L)
  • Casserole 3 pintes (2.8L)
  • Casserole 8 pintes (7.5L)
  • Wok hybride 12" (30 cm)
  • Gril hybride 12" (30 cm)
  • Couteau Santoku de 7" en acier Damas (17 cm)
  • Ensemble de bols à mélanger en acier inoxydable 3 pièces à sceller sous vide

Remarque : tous les couvercles en verre trempé vont au four à 400 ºF.

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Maestro de la Cuisine

"Gordon Ramsay personally uses HexClad at home. And Oprah has its stainless steel pan as one of her favorite things. And we—Esquire—consider it as one of the best cookware brands ever." — Esquire

"How do you know if a cookware brand is good? You check for the Gordon Ramsay stamp of approval — and HexClad sure has it. The brand offers pots, pans, lids, sets and more, and each one is ready to become a cooking staple." — New York Post

"Eagle-eyed fans have spotted these pans in Gordon Ramsay's home-cooking videos. There's a reason: They have the durability and searing and sautéing power of stainless steel combined with a shockingly scratch-resistant, nonstick surface." — People

“Over a year and a half in, these skillets are still working like the day I unwrapped them.” — Food & Wine

“The James Beard Awards were created to recognize exceptional talent and achievement in the culinary arts. That's why this year, it's no surprise that they've partnered with HexClad as their official cookware partner.” — The James Beard Awards

Product Overview

Maestro de la Cuisine

lifetime warranty
metal utensil safe
oven safe
dishwasher safe
Stay Cool Handle
Induction Ready

Care Instructions

Dishwasher-safe or wash with warm, soapy water. For tougher stains, soak for 10 min. and use an abrasive sponge like steel wool.

Complete care instructions

HexClad's patented cookware technology

Our revolutionary hybrid cookware provides the best of both worlds, the durability of stainless steel and the easy cleanup of nonstick. We can confidently say HexClad is the best cookware around because it performs like no other. It’s certain to become a central player in your culinary repertoire.

0 1 Hexagonal Steel Ridges.

Our signature technology: A laser-etched stainless steel hexagon design. This network of ridges forms peaks over nonstick valleys, boosting your searing power.

0 2 Nonstick Valleys.

Protected between the steel hexagon peaks are nonstick valleys. We’ve used a high-grade nonstick coating for extra toughness.

0 3 Magnetic Steel Base.

We’ve used a layer of magnetic stainless steel (compatible with gas, electric, and induction cooktops). Steel is tough-as-nails and holds heat brilliantly.

0 4 Aluminum Core.

For faster and even heating, we’ve used a core of aluminum. This middle layer conducts heat rapidly throughout the pan for food that tastes chef-made.

0 5 Stainless Steel Surface.

Unapologetically premium stainless steel cookware is strong and high-performing. That’s why we’ve layered it generously over the aluminum.

0 6 Stay Cool Handle.

Our handles are designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and feature stay-cool technology. Our handles stay cool to the touch when cooking on any stovetop.

Real chefs people. Real reviews.

Tonight's dinner is Creamy Lemon Garlic Shrimp and Zoodles cooked in the @hexclad wok. Love this dish, and this pan!


Picanha sliced with an incredible @hexclad knife!


Easy, quick cheesy omelette on my @hexclad pan.


Easy Peasy Buttered Five Cheese Tortelloni.


Inspiring home chefs everywhere

Love, Love, Love
These pans are the best. Right out of the box, you can feel the quality, from the weight of the pan to the way it feels in your hand. Cooking is a breeze, even heating, nonstick, true stay-cool handles, and dishwasher safe! I’m in love!
Christie S. Brooklyn, NY
Definitely worth the money
The best pan I have used so far. I own about 3 different types of pans, but the Hexclad is the one I always use for everything. From scrambled eggs to searing and frying. I truly recommend it.
Justyna S. Dallas, TX
These knives are AMAZING!
I have always loved cooking, but I got really into watching cooking shows a year ago and I learned the importance of having good knives. These knives are so sharp and precise. I would 10/10 recommend.
Grace L. San Diego, CA